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Marine Safety Equipment Services

ATN Denizcilik, provides safety services including Fire fighting Service & supply , Life Raft annual inspections , Life Boat & davit annual inspections.

Our service network covers all over the major ports of Turkey including; Istanbul, Izmit and Izmir where our service stations are located.

We are continuously improving our equipment and training our staff to ensure that we stay abreast of the changing demands and regulations set forth by the SOLAS and IMO regulations.

Our services can be arranged during extremely short port stays, day or night, and in all types of weather. New and replacement equipment is in stock at all locations handling our expansive service region.

Fire Fighting

Our Fire Services technicians handle a vast array of fire suppression equipment onboard our customers' vessels.


Our technicians are approved from local classification societies to handle inspections such as Fixed Co2 systems, Portable Extinguishers, SCBAs, EEBDs, and Portable gas monitors. We also have a full service shop to service all of the above, which includes SCBA/EEBD refilling stations, foam sample analysis, and in-house Hydro testing.

Liferaft service

There is no way to determine if a liferaft will remain in optimum functioning condition without having it serviced regularly and this annual service will also increase the life expectancy of your raft.


Having a liferaft serviced on an annual basis will give you peace of mine, knowing that the raft will inflate properly, hold air once inflated, and contain functioning equipment inside.

Don’t leave this vital service to just anyone. You may contact our qualified service engineers for additional details for our products and services.

Lifeboat &Release Gear Survey

ATN Denizcilik has established verification measures for davits, winches, lifeboats and release gears to ensure that all work is conducted according to the rules.


Only technicians who are trained and authorised are allowed to do the work and sign the report which leads to the issue of the mandatory Certificate of Serviceability

Crane Load Test

ATN Denizcilik offers waterbag load testing. Waterbags provide a flexible means for all forms of load testing or ballasting in lieu of traditional dead weights. In combination with a calibrated load cell, this system allows an economical and safe means of utilizing water for load testing. Practical applications for waterbag testing include, but are not limited to, cranes, davits, lifeboats, structures, ballasts, and counterweights.


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