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Bunker Surveys

At Your Service in All Major Turkish Ports



ATN Denizcilik Ltd makes sure that the ship receives the correct amount  and quality of fuel purchased. 

Our professional staff has a good knowledge of all local bunker supply vessels technical specs and previous bunker supply practices. Our presence will enable owners & charterers rights to be followed up locally and will cut off lenghty fuel shortage claims and quality disputes. 

Bunker Fuel Quantity services:

  • Measurement of the bunkering tanker and clients vessel.

  • Bunker fuel sampling and testing at accredited labs.

  • Bunker Quantity calculation, as per density verification.

  • Record of Samples.

  • Bunker survey reports, On-hire & Off-Hire surveys


Bunker (IFO / MGO) Storage Hire for Shipyard Repair Vessels

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